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Welcome to High Sky Adventures Parachute Club

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Customer Alert!

  We often field questions from potential customers inquiring how we offer $99.00 skydive when other operations start at $180.00+.

   The answer is easy. First off the $99.00 is a promotional offer for static line group rates. The offer is not for a tandem parachute joy ride.

   While it is true that you get one on one instruction (about a 10 minute video followed by 2 minutes practicing exiting the aircraft) and a freefall from 10,000 feet with a tandem ride. Keep in mind that you receive four hours of intensive instruction and drilling before you exit our aircraft solo from 3,500' with a safe static line deployment.

   Let it be known the differences between a skydiving club and a commercial operation (or as skydivers affectionately call “a tandem factory”).

   Clubs take great care in the comfort level and safety of their students and other skydivers. We take the time that is necessary to build a bond of trust that one needs to “get out of a perfectly good airplane”!

 When a student crosses a clubs door, they are immediately welcomed to our world. From there they receive top notch instruction from their instructor who follows United States Parachute Association standards. When they progress from static line to freefall, they get one on one instruction from Instructors, Coaches, and national competitors, free of charge. Club members have a love of this sport more than the love of money. In order for a club to continue to operate at reasonable rates, the more experienced skydivers donate their time to reduce overhead to the club. This insures a clubs ability to purchase expensive new equipment, properly maintain said equipment and aircraft, and pay for fuel.

   Tandem factories, on the other hand, are entirely driven by greed. Don't believe me? Go to a commercial operation unannounced. Look around and notice how nobody will pay attention to you until you reach into your pocket. After that, you'll be shown a small video and jump. After the jump, you'll receive a video (assuming you paid for it), a handshake, and away you go with a lot less money in your wallet. You see, they do not have the time to spend because they have to get the next customer up and gone. A commercial drop zone is just that...commercial. They have to pay the pilot, tandem master, AFF instructors, camera man, packers, manifest scheduler, and advertising. With such overhead, it's easy to see why commercial operations are more expensive and why they don't have time for YOU as an individual.

 Now that we've shed the light on the differences, Come on over and LETS SKYDIVE!!!

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